April 08, 2004
Corporate Law Profs on the Move
Posted by Gordon Smith

Brian Leiter is reporting that Bernie Black is headed from Stanford to Texas. What he isn't reporting is that the move is motivated by domestic concerns: Bernie is married to Kate Litvak on the Texas faculty. Of course, from the standpoint of the Texas faculty and students, the motivation for the move is not as important as the fact that Bernie remains one of the most provocative minds in the field. It's a good pickup for Texas.

Leiter also notes that Rob Daines is moving from NYU to Stanford. This is a good move for Rob, not just because Palo Alto trumps New York for a family man, but because his extended family is in the West.

Leiter thinks that Bernie's move, together with the acquisition of Ron Mann from Michigan, places Texas in the Top 10 among business law faculties. Steve Bainbridge says UCLA is underrated and should also be in the Top 10. In case your wondering, law professors don't really care about rankings. Right? Right? Right?

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