April 04, 2004
Law, Entrepreneurship & The Life of This Blog (So Far)
Posted by Gordon Smith

This blog started in May 2003 as an experiment. In retrospect, I am not exactly sure what I was hoping to test, but blogging seemed like a fun way to share ideas. At the time, the ideas I was most interested in sharing were those that lie at the intersection of law and entrepreneurship. My appointment at the University of Wisconsin is in the Law School, but I have spent a fair amount of my time building a technology entrepreneurship "cluster," which we have named "Initiative for the Study of Technology Entrepreneurship" or INSITE. That work takes me to the Business School several times a week, but I don't mind the trek because my experiences there are almost uniformly mind expanding.

In writing about law and entrepreneurship, I find myself increasingly drawn into matters of globalization. This is, perhaps, inevitable. Over the past four years, I have taught in Paris, Helsinki, and Sydney (twice), and spent two weeks in New Delhi on a faculty development program. In addition, I have presented papers in Sweden, Switzerland, and Hungary. This summer I will teach a class on venture capital in Beijing and again in Giessen, Germany, and I will present a paper in Scotland. I do not consider myself an expert in international law -- far from it -- but I am interested in comparative studies in law and entrepreneurship. I write about such things from time to time under various topics on this blog.

A short time after I began blogging, one of its major benefits became apparent: good blogging requires a point of view. I was surprised to learn how often I consumed information without really analyzing it. Although I have always had opinions on any number of things, for many months I tried to confine Venturpreneur to matters of law and entrepreneurship. One of the results of this policy was that I didn't post as much as others, especially those who wrote about politics. More recently, I have allowed myself more room to range. For example, I have begun to think about the role of blogging in legal education, and yesterday, I created the Law Student Blog Honor Roll as a means of encouraging and monitoring this development.

In addition to these weighty matters, you will find some rather strange things here. Bainbridge is into wine, but I love cheese. Being a Wisconsin native who is currently living in Wisconsin, I am well positioned to do some ongoing commentary on cheese. I also enjoy college sports, particularly football and basketball, and I simply can't restrain myself from berating the Bowl Championship Series from time to time.

These things -- along with an occasional foray into politics, popular culture, and life in Madison -- comprise Venturpreneur today. This weekend, I changed the full title of the blog to "Venturpreneur: A Blog on Law, Entrepreneurship & Other Esoterica." This has two benefits: it more accurately reflects the content of the blog and it places these keywords front and center for the Google spider. I hope you enjoy it.

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