April 24, 2004
Learning From the Honor Students: Part II
Posted by Gordon Smith

Another great week in the law student blawgosphere. The great thing about the law students on this Honor Roll is that they don't stop blogging for anything, including finals.

Buffalo Wings & Vodka has a new site, but it's more of the same great stuff. The latest is a hilarious account of law review editing.

So the big question for Cescat Sententia is whether Will Baude can become even more interesting by attending law school. That may not be possible. Earlier this week, he was wondering about involuntary servitude (the 13th Amendment) and the draft. During law school, I was a complete Con Law geek -- though mostly the structural stuff -- and these are the sorts of questions that would occupy me to no end. Earlier this week, I was reminded why I lost my taste for Con Law when one of my colleagues asked, "Why do we care what the Founders thought? They owned people!" I don't know, maybe because they wrote it? Ok, I'll stop now before a fight breaks out. (By the way, here's another good one from Will.)

Nick Morgan has been busy at De Novo, where he has a thoughtful entry on technicalities.

Heidi looks inward at Letters of Marque: "I've been in school for eight years straight. I went from undergrad to grad school to law school. And I can't stop wanting more. I still want to learn everything I can get my hands on. I want to know how everything works. I thought law school would give me answers, but like graduate school, it's designed to teach you to recognize the hard questions."

Bekah offers advice to professors on exam writing, and this amazing update. All of this is very timely as I am writing my exams this weekend.

Speaking of exams, Joshua Claybourn quips: "I am now only three weeks away from a complete mastery of contracts. Now if only the exam wasn't one week away."

And while everyone else is stressed over finals, Sua Sponte is relaxing in the middle of the third quarter at a law school that sounds very familiar to me.

This has nothing to do with law school, but Tony at Three Years of Hell is musing about Gmail. Earlier this week, I was writing about being Bearish on Google, and Tony has some cautionary words about Gmail. By the way, I don't have an account yet because I haven't seen the need. I already have four email accounts. How many does one person need?

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