April 05, 2004
Sports Notes on Monday Morning
Posted by Gordon Smith

What must it be like to be at the University of Connecticut right now? I traveled to India with several people from UConn, and they were excited about the prospects for their basketball teams, both men and women. Now, both have reached the NCAA finals. They each have the best player in the country in their respective genders. Wow! (And what must it be like to be at Duke. Ugh!)

Today is opening day for baseball. Let's get this out of the way right now: Twins in the American, Cubs in the National. This is not a prediction, just a declaration about the teams I support. I use the term "support" loosely, as I almost never watch baseball on television -- it's too long and too slow for television -- and I attend only one or two games in a park every summer. I would go more often, but Madison doesn't have a Major League club. (Neither does Milwaukee, to judge by recent performances.) Like most people, I begin paying attention in earnest around Labor Day, and there is a lot to like about baseball at that time of year. Despite my affinity for the Twins and the Cubs, I would love to see a Cubs v. Red Sox World Series.

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