April 09, 2004
To "The Apprentice": You're Fired!
Posted by Gordon Smith

I just read Ann's post about The Apprentice. I am on board. I am not watching either. I have watched three episodes, and that was three too many. Two hours! And their big tasks are to pick up someone from the airport (failed) and to shuffle some boxes around! Worse yet, the big hook is a guest appearance by Jessica Simpson?!? So I guess she really isn't lost? My oh my, this show is unbelievably lame.

UPDATE: Ann is now posting her prediction for The Apprentice finale. Ann should be a writer for the show because she has a nice idea for the ending. I will note also, that she thinks Kwame will be the ultimate winner, which was my assessment five minutes into my first episode. Since I refuse to be seduced by this show again, I will embrace Ann's ending as the true and just and right ending, regardless of what the hacks at NBC come up with.

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