April 18, 2004
Two New UW Law Student Blogs
Posted by Gordon Smith

Blogging is catching on here at the UW Law School. Could it be that students are wanting to avoid studying for finals? In any event, I discovered two more law student blogs today: idée fixe and The Incredible 2-Headed Blog!. Half of the latter blog is my student, Lisa Infield-Harm, and the other half is her husband. With a name like Infield-Harm, I would have expected a baseball themed blog, but they seem to be avoiding that topic. (But as long as we are on the subject, how about those Twins!) The idée fixe blog is maintained by Ann Laatsch, who has an affinity for cheese that may exceed mine. I can tell already that I will be visiting this site often for the Cheese of the Day picks (even though they don't seem to be coming daily ... to be honest, it's hard to keep up the energy for a daily cheese adventure). Welcome to my blogroll, Ann and Lisa!

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