May 02, 2004
Learning From the Honor Students: Part III
Posted by Gordon Smith

Postings on some of the blogs of the Law Student Blog Honor Roll have become a bit spotty as exam preparation (or not) has intensified. But exam angst isn't the only thing on the menu this week. Check out my favorite posts of the week.

ai is feeling procrastinator's remorse:

I could have studied more during the semester instead of saving it until the end. I should have done that. And I would have except, well... wel... I don't know why. I like pain? I think what I'm really saying is I'll be really really glad when this exam is over and I swear I will never ever ever procrastinate my studying like this again. Never ever. (Now when next Sept./Oct. comes around, will someone please remind of this? Thanks.)

BWV does it again. I want to be this funny just for a day:

Problem: I have a 20-25 page paper due in a few weeks, and though the entire thing could probably be written based on my own thoughts and some minor empirical work, I'd probably feel obligated to relate it all to the readings from the course, which would mean re-reading massive chunks of a 1200-page course packet.

Solution: My cat pissed all over the entire course packet. I had to throw it away.

Thanks, Cat.

I am going to cheat a little by giving BWV two entries this week. This second one asks the age-old question (for which he never provides an answer):

As I head into the last few days of class, I must admit that this time of the semester really stresses me out. On top of the 18-hour, coke-fueled study binges and the insane pressures of my competitive Scrabble career (which always manages to heat up around this time), the end of the semester brings up that age-old question: When the professor finishes his/her last you clap?

Bekah at Mixtape Marathon has an entry entitled "Wah."

My hair hurts.

Although some professors at other law schools seem to take my memos to heart, my own professors take pleasure in blatantly ignoring them, or even reveling embarrassingly in complete disregard of their contents. We covered public forum law in 14 minutes this morning. Literally. 14. Minutes.

This semester, I have three exams in a row, starting with the first day of exams. That day is Monday. This Monday. I still have class today. I certainly hope I get to learn something new.

Please accept my apologies for not writing much lately, but I think anything I write (other than straight up whiny complaints) would be illegal threats of some kind, and I really don't have much time for jail at the moment.

At least the air conditioner in my car sounds like gravel in a blender, and I can't find my phone.

Heidi at Letters of Marque sets the bar high for professors:

An outstanding professor is one where you find yourself reaching to do as well as you can, not because you care about the grade or the result, but because you feel that there's been a really good partnership. You think you learned a lot. And you want the professor to know that you respect them and what they've taught you by doing as well as you can, so they know that they did a good job.

Not exactly in the same vein, Sua Sponte mentions the LawProf 100 and even plugs Volokh, Bainbridge, Leiter, and yours truly. Nice sentiments, and I appreciate them, but I this is a ranking that exceeds even the US News law school rankings for inanity.

And, finally, I suppose that if you have been following Will Baude's path to law school you already know that he chose Yale over Chicago. Frankly, it's hard to go wrong with options like that.

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