June 11, 2004
World's Largest Cuckoo Clock
Posted by Gordon Smith

Where is the world's largest cuckoo clock? Perhaps in Michigan? Canada? Ohio? Here is one from Georgia that claims to be the largest real cuckoo clock ("buildings don't count" ... but only because that would mean this clock isn't really the largest). This is inane beyond expression, but I visited the small city of Triberg today, which claims to have the Weltgroesste Kuckucksuhr ... and I paid 1.5 Euros to see the clockworks, so I am sticking with this one. (We also saw the "First" World's Largest Cuckoo Clock, that is, the one that claims to have been the largest before the other was built.) I should also mention that the owners of the clock we saw today claim to be recognized by Guinness, though no cuckoo clocks were mentioned among the 40,000 records found here. Imagine that: you put all of that work and emotion into becoming the largest cuckoo clock, and Guiness doesn't even think you belong in the 40,000 records it lists on its website. I guess they should have gone for "largest popcorn sculture," which made the list.

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