December 11, 2004
Nannygate Continues
Posted by Christine Hurt

Nannygate Continues

Gordon's post below on Zoe Baird's undocumented nanny ordeal is timely considering that the UK is living through it's own Nannygate. Home Secretary David Blunkett is under investigation for pulling strings to get his lover's nanny permanent residency status in the UK. Of course, more scintillating is the fact that the girlfriend, Kimberley Fortier Quinn, is (a) American; (b) married;(c) the editor of Spectator; and (d) pregnant. I remember Brits being very amused at our Monicagate, which they believed reflected our outdated Puritan mores. Apparently the Brits have their own limits.

BTW, Kimba Wood, who I mentioned yesterday, was nominated for Attorney General after Zoe Baird but met with a similar obstacle and an identical result.

Like Gordon, I want to set the record straight in case anyone is thinking of me for high government post. Although I did have a nanny for 2 1/2 years, not only was she a naturalized U.S. citizen, but we followed every applicable rule or regulation, whether from the IRS, Social Security, Texas Workforce Commission, etc. Very time-consuming, but definitely worth it should I be nominated for high office someday.

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