January 24, 2005
Checking Links
Posted by Gordon Smith

If you are a blogger, you might be curious about who is linking your site. Technorati is the most popular way to check current links, but if you want a more comprehensive listing you need to look elsewhere. Google's "link" feature is popular, but Google reports only links from sites with a PageRank of 4 or higher, and apparently may omit even some of these links. If you are interested in a more comprehensive view of your links, you might try these pages:

Webmaster Toolkit

Google shows 463 links to this page (except on MarketLeap, where it shows zero!), but Yahoo (between 9,650 and 17,000, depending on the service) and Altavista (over 10,000) show much greater numbers. Before you get too excited, these are not unique links; many of them appear to be blogroll entries on different individual pages. Otherwise, those would be Instapundit-on-steroids numbers.

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