February 17, 2005
President Carter
Posted by Brett McDonnell

Via Kevin Drum, I see that folks at the NRO Corner are having a good time making fun of the decision to name a nuclear sub after Jimmy Carter. Of course Carter had many problems as president, but any serious conservative should respect several critical accomplishments. First, Carter deregulated the trucking and airline industries. Those were the beginning of the modern deregulation trend, and they remain today perhaps the most clearly successful examples of deregulation in the U.S. Second, Carter appointed Paul Volcker as chair of the Fed. Volcker was the key figure in taming inflation, and hence is due much of the credit for the prosperity of the 80s, once the Volcker-induced recession was over. Not to mention that a serious conservative should respect someone who served in the Navy for many years. That's not to say that Carter was an overall success, but give credit where credit is due.

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