February 16, 2005
The Network Effects of Blogging
Posted by Victor Fleischer

I'm blogging from a hotel in San Francisco -- I've just finished presenting my paper on VC compensation to Jeff Kahn's Tax Policy Workshop at Hastings. (Jeff's home institution is Santa Clara, but he's visiting at Hastings.) Jeff and I met for the first time today, even though we shared a tax blog for the better part of a year. The question is -- how often do blog contacts turn into "real" contacts? Does the network of blogging spillover into the real world, and if so, how? I've certainly made some professional connections with bloggers that I wouldn't have made otherwise, but I'm curious if others have had the same experience, or pretty much keep to e-mail.

The even harder question, I think, is whether this varies by industry. Is tech blogging a way of networking? Does it facilitate innovation? Does it weaken the boundaries of the firm? Is VC blogging a way of networking? Is academic blogging a way of networking, or just an alternative form of publishing? Is there a difference?

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