March 23, 2005
blogging women
Posted by Allison Christians

I've been following with interest the recent discussion on gender segregation in teaching and blogging.  I wasn't aware of the blogging gender gap.  I hate to speculate about why women don't blog at the same rate as men, for it brings up so many of the generalizations that are applied to women in other areas to our detriment.  But I do think that now that I have tried my hand at blogging I may have to take it up more often.  As a professor of tax law, I am one of a relatively small group of women who teach the subject, as I was one of relatively few women who practiced in the area.  I would say that tax is an inherently gender-neutral subject but I know many who disagree for one reason or another, some reasons better than others.  I've recently read a few articles on how globalization affects women.  But I don't think this is a "women's issue."  For example, one article argues that the globalization of production has caused women to leave their families to work in factories for rock-bottom wages.  The article decries the deplorable conditions of sweatshops, but suggests that in moving away from their families and village communities to find work in the city, globalization may be affording women a certain level of independence.  I question how much independence is earned with below-poverty wages--who was it that said that the best way to attain independence is by attaining wealth?  But more to the current point: as globalization creates new patterns of inter- and intra-nation migration for women, the ripple effect on families, villages, communities, and cities is extraordinary.  Can it really be said that the study of working conditions and employment options for women is strictly a women's issue?  I think no more than it can be said that the setting of priorities and regimes for raising and spending revenue are not "women's issues," and this explains why there are few women engaged in these pursuits (or the study/discussion thereof).  Yet there it is.

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