March 11, 2005
Mission Accomplished!
Posted by Gordon Smith

I am hereby declaring Conglomerate's move to Typepad complete. We began about three weeks ago, and along the way, we have encountered myriad obstacles, some large and some small. The Typepad helpdesk has been invaluable, and Todd at ai has been brilliant, creative, and indispensable.

Just yesterday we were able to re-incorporate our sideblog -- Subsidiary Thoughts -- which had been dormant since the move started. We are using an RSS feed, which I created at Feed2JS. It was slick and easy. Keep an eye on the sideblog for interesting and sometimes off-beat links.

My preliminary impressions of Typepad are qualifiedly positive. It isn't as flexible as MT or some other blogging software programs, but it is relatively simple to use, and that has a high value for law professors who do not want to spend their lives tweaking code. We will continue to experiment with improvements, and I have created the Conglomerate Laboratory so that most of those experiments can happen behind the scenes.

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