March 24, 2005
Top Law Authors on SSRN
Posted by Gordon Smith

SSRN has a neat new feature for those who enjoy rankings: the top 1,000 law professors by download. I am #113 on the "all time" list, but only #195 for the last 12 months. Not too bad, really, since I haven't submitted a paper to SSRN in two and a half years (while I have been writing a casebook and engaged in the endless empirical study). I have three papers about to go in, however, so I can get back in the hunt!

I was not surprised to see Lucian Bebchuk on the top of the list of "Total New Downloads" (within the past 12 months). He has submitted 17 new papers in the last year! And, not surprisingly, he is #1 for the all-time number of papers.

Interestingly, three of the top five professors on the list specialize in corporate law: Bebchuk, Bernie Black, and Steve Bainbridge. And you don't need to look too far to find others: Jack Coffee (#8), Ron Gilson (#11), Lynn Stout (#12), Jesse Fried (#13), Margaret Blair (#16), Reinier Kraakman (#17), Bill Bratton (#18), Klaus Hopt (#19), etc. No wonder I have the impression that everyone uses SSRN.

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