April 14, 2005
Cats in Wisconsin
Posted by Christine Hurt

Although other blawgers (Ann & Eric) in Wisconsin seem to be covering the cat-hunting controversy quite well, I thought I would add my two cents' worth, being from Texas.  I cannot describe the disdain with which my Dad was laughing at Wisconsin yesterday.  I can't believe that I moved from Texas to kinder, gentler Wisconsin only to live in the cat-hunting state.

Disclaimer:  I have a cat.  I am not a cat person, but we granted asylum to a stray cat four years ago when she came in through the dog door.  She stayed, we eventually bought cat food, and the rest is history.

The two arguments that I have heard in recent days for allowing Wisconsin residents to shoot "feral cats," i.e., stray cats that live outside the city limits, are these:

1. If we have too many wild cats, they will kill all the wild birds.  OK.  So, if we're going to become "circle of life police" for all species, endangered or not, then I guess we're going to have to hear from the worms.  Where is the worm lobby in all this?  Maybe there were too many wild birds killing all the wild worms.


2.  The feral cats run in packs, go to farms, and kill the chickens.  In Texas, we have these things called dogs.  If you buy a big enough dog, then the cats won't hang out on your farm and eat the chickens.  I have seen enough Foghorn Leghorn cartoons that I believe this well-worn theory has legs.

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