April 30, 2005
Cheese Consumption Quiz
Posted by Gordon Smith

We don't use polls much around here and this post isn't really a poll, but rather a quiz.

Which cheese is most responsible for the threefold increase in cheese consumption in the United States since 1970?
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For a chart that reveals the correct answer, see here.

I shouldn't be surprised at this, I suppose, but I am. Pizza was a big part of my childhood, and I thought it was pretty popular in the 1970s. But look at this from the USDA's website:

Mozzarella—the main cheese in pizza—overtook Cheddar in 2002 to become America's favorite cheese. In 2003, Mozzarella consumption reached 9.6 pounds per person, more than 8 times the 1970 level. From 1970 to 2003, consumption of Cheddar cheese increased 62 percent to 9.4 pounds per capita, making it America's second favorite cheese. Cream cheese overtook Swiss in the late 1980s—in part due to an explosion in the popularity of bagels—to become America's third favorite cheese, at 2.3 pounds consumed per person in 2003 (nearly 4 times the 1970 level).

The article suggests that Mozzarella consumption may have peaked, because an aging population will consume less pizza. But this is good news for cheese lovers: "Likely to continue increasing, however, are the diversity, quality, and availability of cheeses in both supermarkets and specialty shops dedicated to artisanal and farmhouse cheeses."

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