April 06, 2005
Law Review Offer Times & Law School Prestige
Posted by Gordon Smith

My Times & Seasons co-blogger (and rising lawprof) Kaimi Wenger has provided the following chart from a law school seminar paper on expedited review. The chart shows offer times from Top 25 law reviews, some of which (for lack of a response from the journals) are inferred from Kaimi's experience as the recipient of expedite requests as an Articles Editor of the Columbia Law Review. In the paper, Kaimi notes the "rough correlation ... between expedite time and school prestige."


Click on the image for a larger version. The numbers on the y-axis are days.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that some schools are missing from the chart. Kaimi notes in his paper that Stanford and Penn claimed to have no set policy; Harvard and Chicago both said they didn't give deadlines; GW was establishing new rules at the time he wrote the paper; and Texas, Washington, and Minnesota didn't respond to his request for information and Kaimi didn't find any expedite information on those journals in the Columbia Law Review's records.


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