April 13, 2005
Teaching Loads, Salaries, and the Rest of the University
Posted by Christine Hurt

One of the unanticipated responses to Gordon's research below on law school teaching loads was the response of non-law academics.  Yes, although we may be quite interested in persuading our Deans to adopt a 3-course load over a 4-course load, we understand that in other departments, the course load is much higher.  I also was sent a spreadsheet this week comparing Assistant Professor Salaries in the Law, Business, Dental, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Health Sciences, Arts & Sciences, and Communications colleges at Marquette.  There is obviously a stark difference (55%) between the average Assistant Professor of Law salary and the Assistant Professor salary in the Arts & Sciences college.  The Business School salaries were the highest.  (However, I do note that the spreadsheet includes our 6 legal writing faculty members in addition to our 6 t-track faculty members, so unless the B school did the same thing, our average t-track salaries may in fact be the highest among the colleges.)

So yes, like the Joe Walsh song says, "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do."  Even though our burden is less and our reward greater than 98% of the world's population, sometimes it behooves us to see what the market is for law academics at other schools.

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