May 05, 2005
Am I Pro-Regulation?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Last week, Vic at A Taxing Blog made this statement (in comparing my thoughts on regulatory entrepreneurs to Larry Ribstein's): 

My hunch is that Larry usually dislikes regulation, and Christine usually thinks more regulation is needed. Of course, both Larry and Christine would surely agree that it depends on the circumstances: regulation that protects inefficient government monopolies are bad; regulation that protects widows and orphans from the sharks at Enron is good.

This has caused me to do some soul-searching. I would not have described myself as a pro-regulation kind of person. On this blog, I often urge for additional regulation, but generally in areas that are already regulated. So, the additional regulation is needed to fix a flawed regulatory scheme. Does that make me pro-regulation? Anyway, to prove that I am not pro-regulation, I have found two great examples of regulations that should be abolished or nipped in the bud, as the case may be:

1. The Texas House of Representatives' regulation of the content of high school cheerleading; and

2. The prohibition by ordinance against my cat wandering free every once in awhile in the Village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

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