May 11, 2005
Announcing the Marquette Nickname Forum -- On Conglomerate
Posted by Christine Hurt

In reading the comments to my earlier Marquette nickname post below, I started pondering how Paul Noonan could gather support for his "Explorer" recommendation.  (I don't know what to do with Gordon's undemocratic suggestion, but we'll see!).  If you have a nickname that you would like to see win the election, then email me.  In two weeks, the university will announce a slate of nicknames.  For those suggestions that are not on the list, I will then post on this blog a slate of write-in suggestions, along with arguments from the proponents of those suggestions.  In keeping with Father Wild's reminder that all suggestions must be in keeping with the university's mission, I retain discretion not to include suggestions that are blatantly unacceptable.

I would also suggest that if a reader is passionate about a certain nickname that the reader buy an ad in the school newspaper.  I can't imagine that the cost of that would be prohibitive, and you would reach a large audience.

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