May 28, 2005
Brat Fest 2005: A Photo Collage
Posted by Gordon Smith

Brat Fest 2005 Collage

These are photos from the Brat Fest in Madison. As you can see (click the collage to get a larger version), the organizers are shooting for a new record of 200,000 brats this year, and they had reached 40,120 when we entered the grounds just before noon today. (The old record is 189,432.) They have a good chance of reaching the new record if the weather cooperates because the new site will draw larger crowds with a lot of extra activities, such as rock climbing (that's my son), a petting zoo, four "moon walk" rides, and a live band.

Notice the line for the vegetarian brats ... or rather, the absence of a line. This is at the lunch hour! Compare that to the 12 lines for regular brats. As my daughter said, if you are going to brat fest, why eat vegetarian?

The Wienermobile survived a close call in the Madion City Council and made its annual appearance at the Brat Fest.

The other shots include behind the scenes grilling and wrapping. And one of the "world's longest condiment table" (80 feet), which includes a selection of mustards -- Dusseldorf, garlic, Italian herb, and traditional yellow. By the way, if you want to eat brats like a local, sauerkraut and mustard are the condiments of choice. Leave the ketchup for the hot dogs.

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