May 16, 2005
Grading Thoughts
Posted by Christine Hurt

I turned in my grades today with an hour to spare.  I'm satisfied with my grades, but I do have a nagging concern about a problem that I had not encountered before.  What do other graders do when a student has read the question wrong?  The incorrect reading goes to a basic fact and so leads to a completely different (wrong) answer.   (Assuming a corporation is publicly held rather than closely held, for example.)  Does the answer get zero points, half points? 

I was tempted to grade the answer as written in terms of how the student responded to the mistaken question because I want a student's grade to accurately reflect that student's knowledge of the material.  However, that could lead to students making up their own questions to match the topics that they focused on when studying.  Oops, I didn't study the Model Business Corporations Act, but I studied the Delaware statute.  Maybe that's how I'll answer the question.

Anyway, just wondering.

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