May 11, 2005
Marquette Announces that "Gold" is a No-Go
Posted by Christine Hurt

Just as the Marquette Gold was growing on me, the Board of Trustees met this morning and agreed to reverse its decision to change the nickname from "Golden Eagles" to "Gold."  According to the press release, the stakeholders of Marquette will be able to vote on up to ten nicknames, plus a write-in option.  However, the "Warriors" will not be an option, and any write-in ballots for "Warriors" or any other nickname inconsistent with the school's Catholic, Jesuit mission will be discarded.  The top two nicknames will then be re-presented for a final vote.  Both votes will be binding.

In this rare and momentous situation of an administration reconsidering a decision because of student and alumni feedback, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, John Bergstrom, has this to say:

“We have spent the past week listening. We heard you. The decision to change the nickname to Marquette Gold generated a response that we did not expect from Marquette stakeholders. We regret that we disappointed them and we want to respond to those concerns. We’ve established a new process today so that your voices can be heard. It’s transparent, it’s inclusive and it’s easy.”

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