May 05, 2005
More on the Marquette Gold
Posted by Christine Hurt

After reading the school newspaper, eavesdropping in the dorm cafeteria, and quizzing unsuspecting students and faculty in the halls, I am prepared to give more depth to the ongoing nickname saga here at Marquette.  Probably the most skeptical of the name are the students.  The school newspaper, which I assume is run by students, has such headlines as "Students Express Shock at Mascot Choice" and "Alumni Express Shame, Frustration at Nickname," complete with pictures of student's facial expressions that rival the Life magazine cover photo of the Kent State shootings.  A student editorial is entitled "Baffling Nickname Decision Embarrasses University as Laughingstock."

Not all students feel this passionate however; in fact, my research assistant expressed a wish to regain all time lost this week talking about both the nickname change and the disappearance of the runaway bride.

However, I would say that most faculty seem to be neutral of slightly positive of the change, relieved that the university dodged the "Warrior" bullet by whatever means necessary.  I admit that "Gold" has grown on me today, and now I think I actually prefer it to "Golden Eagles."

Of course, as colleagues mentioned in the hallway, headline writers have a great job ahead of them now:  "All that is Gold Does Not Glitter;" "Fool's Gold," "Gold Rush."  Some people's "golden" puns were not fit to print here.

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