May 16, 2005
Organ Donor Cooperatives
Posted by Christine Hurt

Ethan at PrawfsBlawg asks what readers think about Lifesharers, a circle of registered organ donors who promise to give each other their organs in exchange for a reciprocal promise.  I have posted briefly about this before.  Ethan wonders if it is a good idea for those who damage their own organs to be able to get to the head of the line by joining this club.  Theoretically, registrants may even face moral hazard if by joining they then take less care of their organs than before.

To me, in a system where the law does not allow for the sale of organs and provides for a donee list that weights donees by priority, the club circumvents that reasoned approach.  Organs may go to those who are not in dire need or to those who have no chance of survival even with the organ donation.

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