May 06, 2005
Our Favicon
Posted by Gordon Smith

We just added a favicon to our blog. It looks like this: Favicon You should be able to see it in the address bar of your browser right now. If you are using IE and you don't see it, then click on the current icon (probably the IE symbol) and drag it slightly to the right, just a half inch or so. That should cause the icon to refresh, and and our favicon should appear.

Once Kaimi Wenger pointed me in the right direction, creating the icon was pretty simple given how many people provide instructions on their sites. Viva Batista was particularly helpful, given that we both have Typepad sites. (If you are using Typepad, you might also try this thread from the Typepad Users Forum.) I have multiple blogs on this Typepad account, so the key was to get the favicon in the root directory of the "conglomerate" account.

Our favicon has a background of conglomerate rock (with enhanced color) overlaid by a white capital "C" in Verdana type. I created the file using IrfanView, a free piece of software recommended by many sites for this task because it is easy to get the right size (16 x 16). You can also adjust the colors. While it appears to be possible to use 256 colors, I changed ours to 16 to reduce the file size (one of the commenters in the Typepad discussion said that the maximum file size is 1046 bytes, and reducing the colors brought the file well under that).

So, this works in the address bars of my browsers, but I still get the Typepad lilypad in the Firefax bookmarks toolbar and I still get the default icon in Bloglines. I have searched for help on both issues and my best guess is that the favicon will simply appear if I am patient. But if anyone has any further information on this, I would appreciate some guidance.

UPDATE: it now appears in the Firefox and IE toolbars, but I am still stumped by the Bloglines display, which should be based on the RSS template. This makes me think that my RSS code is messed up. I will do some more digging on that, but if you have any hints, I would be grateful. Also, I am not sure whether favicons can be displayed through an Atom feed, but I haven't found anything on that.

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