May 20, 2005
The Google Portal
Posted by Gordon Smith

If you are one of the three people who have been thinking, "Gee, I wish the Google home page could be cluttered with stock quotes, news headlines, movie reviews, weather reports, and advertising -- just like Yahoo and MSN" ... you are in luck. Meet Google Fusion! Your Google page can look like this:


Yuck! At least they retain the option of what is now being called "Google Classic":


Just compare those two sites. Would you really rather have the first? Maybe if the information available on the Fusion site were not readily available in a gazillion other places, all of which are readily accessible from the stripped-down search site, but otherwise I think the choice is pretty clear.

By the way, according to the NYT story on this development, "Google would not sell advertising on the personalized home pages at the outset, but was considering doing so later." If I were a gambling man, I would start a pool to pick the date. Anyone think it will take more than a year?

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