May 09, 2005
The Huffington Post
Posted by Gordon Smith

I just spent the last half hour over at The Huffington Post. Blogs should never be judged too harshly on their first day, especially this one, which has a crazy-quilt of bloggers, almost all of whom are new to the medium. Although I am not ready to give the site a thumbs up, I will give it an unqualified "not as bad as I had anticipated."

The range of topics is pretty staggering, from a very serious post about consumer debt by lawprof Elizabeth Warren to a plea for help with a lemon squares recipe by Greg Gutfeld.(He begins, "Hello everyone! This is my first post!! Ever. I've never posted before!" This is sort of like a first kiss, I suppose. Pretty exciting for the kisser, but not very interesting for everyone else.)

Most of the posts are pretty tentative, and I didn't see much that was worth linking, but I did enjoy Richard Bradley's post entitled "What is Hilary Rosen Smoking?" Bradley is responding to an earlier post by Rosen. (Tip for a new blogger: link the earlier post!) In a post called "Steve Jobs, Let My Music Go," Rosen wrote about Apple's choice to link iPod with iTunes:

[K]eeping the iTunes system a proprietary technology to prevent anyone from using multiple (read Microsoft) music systems is the most anti-consumer and user unfriendly thing any god can do. Is this the same Jobs that railed for years about the Microsoft monopoly?

Is this the same Rosen who "defended the interests of the big record conglomerates, a group of companies which treated its customers with such contempt that millions of young people simply took to stealing music"? That's what Bradley wants to know, and I had the same question.

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