June 29, 2005
I Hope You Didn't Throw Your Golden Eagles Memorabilia Away
Posted by Christine Hurt

Marquette University has just announced that the athletic nickname is (drumroll) the Golden Eagles.

Boy, that was anticlimatic.

I'm sure that some percentage of those persons who believed that the 1994 Golden Eagles decision did not reflect the will of the people will continue to argue that the 2005 decision does not, either.  I would suggest that we just move on.  I'm disappointed that "Muskies" didn't catch on, but I'm willing to get behind our teams!  And of course, remember what's truly important at Marquette.  In the words of Father Wild:

Of course, we know that Marquette is first and foremost an academic institution committed to educating men and women to be a leaven for good in our society. We must not lose sight of this important mission rooted in our 450-year Jesuit tradition.

UPDATE:  Here's the final report.  Muskies got 14 write-in votes!  Thanks to Eric Goldman and the other 12 Marquette friends out there.  Sigh.

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