June 09, 2005
Tomorrow Will Be Great!
Posted by Gordon Smith

That title is my attempt to be positive after one of the worst "travel" days of my life.

We missed our flight from O'Hare to Europe. The ticket was issued by American, and we stood in line for an hour to check in at the American international desk. But it turned out to be an Aer Lingus flight (an American partner). Off to the international  with my family of seven!

We reached the Aer Lingus desk at 6:40. Our ticket said the flight time was 7:40, when in fact it was really 7:15. Too late.

Perhaps the SAS flight to Copenhagen at 10:05? They wouldn't let us on that one because they are not partners with American. Arrrgh!

I am leaving out the five or so trips back and forth between Terminal 3 and Terminal 5, trying to get American and SAS to cooperate.

It was an incredible nightmare and I am now in a Holiday Inn about a zillion miles from the airport.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day.

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