July 06, 2005
Disnefication of Cell Phones
Posted by Christine Hurt

The WSJ reports today that Disney is developing wireless service that it plans to target to children as young as 8 years old and their families.  Interesting.  On my guest stint at PrawfsBlawg, I mused on whether liberals who get up in arms at advertising tobacco and beer to teenagers should get upset at television ads for birth control pills that appear (to me) to market to teenagers.  I'm not sure what I think about this cell phone thing.  My kids are six and under, so I have not had to articulate a cell phone policy at this time.  I would be inclined to say that no child under the age of 16 and driving needs a full-time cell phone, although I would loan say my 14-year-old genius child my cell phone while she waits all day somewhere for her symphony audition or something.

I have noticed among teenagers and young adults that telephone etiquette has changed greatly.  I remember growing up that we did not talk on the phone if we had company, whether the company was Grandma or another peer.  (Unless of course the situation called for three giggly girls to be on the receiver at the same time, talking to some other giggly girls or a really confused boy.)  Now, I see young people standing in groups and one or more of them will be chatting on a cell phone.  Or, I'll see someone looking at their phone, but they are really checking the weather or a sports score.  Of course, don't even get me started on BlackBerry etiquette, which is an ongoing struggle in our home.

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