July 25, 2005
Golf as Race Discrimination
Posted by Will Baude

Chicago's Lior Strahilevitz, author of a fabulous recent article on the right to destroy, has a new working paper out. Its title is much less sexy-- Exclusionary Amenities in Residential Communities-- but it is still fascinating. The basic gist is that developers can (and probably do) use disparate racial participation in activities like golf as a way to manage the racial breakdown of a community while ducking the Fair Housing Act. But the article of course sweeps into broader territory on race, economics, and land use. (The latter being a particular fascination of mine at the moment.)
If that isn't enough, the article also contains great citations like "See, e.g., Lacon, IL; Morton, IL; Spring Bay, IL, and Pekin, IL." I've already commented on a previous draft of the article so I may not have a lot of other substantive criticisms, but the rising-law-journal-editor in me can't help but point out that the citation is not-according-to-bluebook (I don't know how it fares under Chicago's citation system).

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