July 04, 2005
Happy Fourth of July!
Posted by Christine Hurt

Whew!  What a holiday weekend.  In Houston, the 4th is pretty much just a day off that you try to spend somewhere air conditioned, like your living room or the movies.  In Wisconsin, it's a, well, it's a national holiday!  Seriously, I've never seen people take the 4th as seriously.  I heard Ann Coulter say once that "Democrats hate the flag."  Well, here's one blue state that can prove that one wrong.  The Whitefish Bay parade lines up on our street, and we had a little friendly competition with flags and bunting.  I had a five-foot Uncle Sam in my yard.  I think I won.  Add to the decorating the day-long cookout, complete with stuffing ourselves with Brats, polish sausages, potato salad (with bacon, yum), and brownies, and I'm pooped.

By the way, try explaining to a 3-year-old who Uncle Sam is without letting the cat out of the bag on Santa.  I finally said that Uncle Sam was a made-up character, like Scooby Doo.

UPDATE:  This 4th of July post from Prof. Bainbridge has me wondering if differences in celebrating the 4th of July are a Mason-Dixon line sort of thing.  I assumed it was a weather sort of thing.

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