July 13, 2005
Hello Folks!
Posted by Dave Hoffman

Hi!  I want to thank Christine and Gordon for giving me the opportunity to guest blog here for a little while.  I planned to do this at the end of june, but, what with antitrust review post merger, I decided to wait until the all clear was sounded.  I come here most directly from a guest-stint Prawfsblawg, which was great fun, even when I foolishly blogged out of my subject matter area.

So, returning to areas where I am more competent, I wanted my first post here to spotlight an interesting new anthology out of Cornell Press, Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus (Fineman and Dougherty, eds.)  There are contributions by a variety of folks, including the inimitable Deirdre McCloskey and my friend Doug Kysar.  Doug's essay in particular is a great deal of fun.  It responds to the argument (made by Neil Buchanan) that it is "dangerous to adapt neoclassical economic models to feminist legal analysis", because L&E is inherently corrupting.  Doug notes that some have even compared L&E to the Australian rabbit epidemic (incidentally, this ecological catastrophe engendered a great Simpson's episode.)  Doug  ends his essay by rejecting the call to leave L&E to the economists:

[I]f economics really is an invasive force on a par with the Australian rabbit epidemic, then Buchanan's advice could only ever lead to a Pyrrhic victory: feminist legal scholars would remain free from invasion, but they would be forced only an isolated research station with nothing but Antarctica to the south and a billion chattering bunnies to the north . . . .

That, in a nutshell, is basically how I feel about being a (progressive) corporate and securities scholar.  Can't embrace the dominant paradigm; can't ignore it either.

Anyway, glad to be here!

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