July 20, 2005
It's July the What Already?
Posted by Christine Hurt

I've been pondering my August law review submission cover letter today.  (It keeps me from actually working on my paper.  I worked on my title yesterday.)  I think I may take a new angle.  In the past, my cover letter has been pretty standard:  this paper is amazing; it continues a vigorous dialogue on the topic, but simultaneously fills a huge void in the literature; this paper can only be written by me, a person with a long history in the topic.  This time, as I see August creeping up on me, I'm pondering a new strategy.  I call it the "Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi" strategy, as in "Help Me, [_____] Law Review, You Are My Only Hope."

The cover letter will go something like this.  Oh, law review editor, thank goodness I've gotten your attention.  I have this amazing idea -- very creative, very now, very happening.  However, this idea is lost inside of a big pile of words and footnotes that say "NEED CITE."  I have heard that your editors are the most brilliant, the most detail-oriented, and the most organized of any other law review.  I have heard stories of your editors finding authority for even the most esoteric of assertions and reorganizing paragraphs and whole sections in a way that creates logic where there was none before.  I therefore have a challenge for you.  Please accept this paper, and let's take it to new heights together.

Sort of Princess Leia meets Nigerian royal expatriate.

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