July 12, 2005
Let the Speculation Begin!
Posted by Gordon Smith

Steve Bainbridge: "I got an email today from a reliable source opining that Justice John Paul Stevens will retire this summer if, but only if, CJ Rehnquist steps down."

Well, it's hard to get too excited about all of these rumors until something actually happens. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by this from the NYT story on discussions between President Bush and various Senators about a replacement for Justice O'Connor:

The senators said they discussed the possibility that the nominee could come from outside of the federal circuit court system, or the "judicial monastery," as  Mr. Leahy put it. Mr. Specter also said today that the president listened to their remarks that a "monolithic" approach not be used in the process, but that the nominee could possibly be drawn from a non-traditional background. "It would be good to have some diversity," he said.

They are not thinking about Alberto Gonzales. Either they have someone in mind, or they don't like the names being floated from the judiciary. Perhaps the first Mormon justice?

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