July 21, 2005
Lightning Strikes. . . .
Posted by Christine Hurt

the tree in front of my house!  We have had quite a storm here today, and the tree across the street was hit by lightning.  It split a branch of the tree, but the branch was not very big.  So, while it is still overcast and gray and drizzling, the Village sends out a cherry picker to cut the branch. 

Now, I'm no physicist and I don't want to tell them how to do their job, but i wouldn't get in a cherry picker in a lightning storm.  But that's just me.

Perhaps Mr. Tree Doctor is a hero acting in an emergency.  I'm not sure if this is an emergency situation.  The worst case scenario would be that the branch would fall on its own.  Seeing as how the man in the cherry picker simply cut the branch and let it fall on its own, I'm not sure what the benefits of this quick remedy are.  (By the way, there are no power lines, etc. near the tree.)

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