July 09, 2005
Searching for Harry Potter
Posted by Gordon Smith

Potter_1 Four people in my house have read every Harry Potter book, and the other three are not far behind. My oldest daughter became an early fan (by U.S. standards) when I purchased the first book for her at a Borders in Arizona. None of the clerks could tell me anything about the book at the time, except that is was popular in England and Borders had ordered a whole bunch of copies. It was heavily discounted, so I took a chance. When she reached her third reading of the book, we started wondering what it was about Harry Potter that was so enticing.

When Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, I happened to be in Salt Lake City. My oldest son and I had just finished a rain-soaked hike in the Uinta Mountains, but we managed to locate a Borders that was having a Harry Potter Party, and we purchased two copies at midnight. Although I eventually read all of the books, I am always the last to have a turn. My son and daughter (whom we retrieved from camp later that day) both read that book all the way back to Wisconsin.

This year, we misunderstood the date of the release and went searching for the book in Sweden last month. Once we had the correct date, we realized that we would be on the road, somewhere between Wisconsin and New Mexico. So this Friday, our family will be staying at a hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, and we are on the waiting list at Borders for two copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I hope they ordered extras.

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