July 08, 2005
The Hinge of Fate
Posted by Darren Roulstone

I just got off the phone with my grandmother who grew up in London before moving to Canada with her family (including my mother) during WWII.  She reports that as far as she knows our family members in England are fine.  None of them live in London anymore but at a time like this you always want to check on loved ones wherever they are.

This attack on our closest ally brings to mind Winston Churchill's words at the start of "The Hinge of Fate", the fourth volume in his history of WWII.   He notes (I'm paraphrasing from memory here) that as grave as the situation was for Great Britain at the beginning of 1942, the events of 1941 had given it two allies (the U.S. and Russia) committed to the fight.  Looking back it was clear that gaining those allies made victory inevitable, although it was difficult to see that at the time.  Let us hope the united resolve of America and the U.K. again prevails.

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