July 11, 2005
This Whole Nomination Thing
Posted by Christine Hurt

We've been kind've quiet on this whole Supreme Court nomination thing.  I can't get too worked up about it because I think the vetting process is so bizarre that anyone that I think would do a good job won't even be considered.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that conservative groups are hammering Gonzales so that people like me will start to warm up to him.  And that freaks me out.

However, I did want to comment on one aspect of this nomination circus:  the blogosphere.  Dan Solove today points to a Reuter's article where someone from Sen. Reid's office is saying that the Democratic party is going to reach out to the blogsphere to harness that power.  Interestingly, in addition to my daily John Kerry email, I received an email from the Democratic National Party inviting me to a conference call with Sen. Reid tomorrow.  Did all democrats get this email, or just bloggers?  I'd like to know.  I hardly ever blog on political topics, notwithstanding Howard Dean's email exhortation to me that  "[y]ou have done more than anyone imagined over the past few months to build our party for the long term. "  What????

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