July 10, 2005
Underpants Gnomes
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Gordon tells me that traffic is up.  That is good news.  Prima facie evidence, perhaps, that the Taxing Blog merger was justified. 

Although thinking about this merger makes me feel a bit like one of the Underpants Gnomes

The Underpants Gnomes, of course, appeared in an episode of South Park.  They were a community of underground gnomes who snuck around stealing underwear.  They had a three part business plan. 

    Step One:  Collect Underpants.
    Step Two:  Unclear.
    Step Three:  Make Big Profits! 

None of the gnomes knows what the second step is.  They all just assume someone else in the organization does.  This should at least cause anyone who has worked with technology start-ups to chuckle.

Also, the word "underpants" is funny. 

Safe to say that the underpants gnomes, much like the Disney directors, are protected by the Business Judgment Rule.

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