July 08, 2005
Update on Best Buy/Entertainment Weekly Campaign
Posted by Christine Hurt

This post from March about my experiences with my "free" six issues of EW from Best Buy continues to get comments/traffic, so I thought I would give an update.  Most of the comments are either from customers saying that they had similar experiences or from BB employees saying that different procedures are followed and that people should read.  I'm still pretty sure that in May 2004, when I was offered my six "free" issues of EW, that I had already swiped my card and signed the receipt when I was offered the free issues.  I could obviously be wrong, but it was quite an abbreviated process that led me to pay $60 for EW.  So, the updates.

FoxNews is doing a report on this story.  I was told that if was going to be in LA this month, I could be interviewed on camera for the report.  Sure.  That's how I want to be on TV -- Stupid Law Professor Tricks.  Maybe I could be on an expose of mothers who let their kids eat junk food.  That would be great, too.  So, stay tuned for the report.  The last time I was in BestBuy, I spent the same amount of money, and nobody asked me about any free issues, so I wonder if that promotion has come and gone.

But the best news:  Entertainment Weekly wants me back!  EW sent me an email telling me that "We want you back as a subscriber so much, we've arranged an outstanding offer."  I can get 40 issues for $15. . . . if I pay with my credit card.  Hmmm.

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