July 06, 2005
Use it Wisely
Posted by Caroline Bradley

New credit cards just arrived from an extremely large financial institution with a cute little logo on the activation stickers which reads "use it wisely". I don't imagine they mean that I should use the stickers wisely, and they probably don't mean me to use water wisely because although the logo has two things on it that look a bit like squished water drops, they don't look like the water drop in the water campaign.

The water campaign was the first hit on my internet search for "use it wisely", closely followed by email, condoms, sacred texts and this lovely picture with an advertisement in the background (which seems to suggest that using a certain brand of pen helps you use time wisely).

But seriously, if they really meant me to use the credit card wisely, why isn't the logo on the card (it isn't, even on the back)?  That way, every time I was tempted to use it I could ask myself "Is this wise?"

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