July 18, 2005
Will Baude
Posted by Victor Fleischer

I want to welcome Will Baude as a guest blogger.  Many of you may already know Will from Crescat Sententia.  I came to admire Will from his comments here and elsewhere, where he has proved himself a dangerous heavyweight with a sharp right hook. 

Will is a student at Yale Law School.  He's spending the summer at the Institute For Justice, which protects widows and orphans from large corporations.  Or maybe it's the other way around.

Will is not yet a business law guru, but he certainly knows his fair share of economics, so we are looking forward to having him blog with us.

Will is our first student guest-blogger.  But thanks to our exchanges on the blog, we tend to think of him as a colleague.  More evidence, perhaps, of the hierarchy-flattening nature of the Internet. 


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1. Posted by Matt on July 18, 2005 @ 11:15 | Permalink

One thing that often gets lost in these debates is that if we take a state-by-state approach many of the most important benefits will be lost. This might apply to the benefits that come from the supreme court cases that apply to "marriage" that Will mentions above. It's quite obvious that to have real equality there will have to be federal recognition of same-sex relationships, whatever we call them. (See, for one example, the recent IRS holding that recognizing same-sex couples by some state pension plans could make the whole plan ineligable for federal recognition.) One particular example is in immigration. Now, at least, no immigration benefits flow to someone w/ a same-sex partnership, even if it's in a state that recognizes same sex unions, even if they are called "marriage". This is, of course, grossly unfair. This is only tangentally related to Will's post, but I do think that so long as we validate certain unions in a way we don't others, this sort of discrimination will seem more justified to many people.

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