July 09, 2005
Winbutton No More
Posted by Christine Hurt

Remember the post on Winbutton?  Winbutton has changed, but it's not folding up its cyber card table and going home.  The site now says that the pot is "$0." and has a link called "Why is the pot zero?"  If you click on the link, the site owners explain that Google has yanked its ads from the site, so there is no money in the pot.  So, you may win, but you'll win $0.  The explanation links to our discussion of the legality of Winbutton and to a Cato article suggesting that spammers pay consumers for their attention.  The tone of the explanation seems to indicate that Winbutton knew that Google would pull their ads eventually.

I have some sneaking suspicion that we have just taken part in something akin to the Stanford Prison Experiment or the Milgram Experiment on consumers, attention, and spam.

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