August 15, 2005
Announcement: Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop
Posted by Christine Hurt

Mark your calendars:  Next Monday, August 22, the Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop begins!  As a junior scholar myself, I have had many conversations about the difficulties of new professors getting good feedback, mentoring, and workshop opportunities.  As always, we try to be part of the solution, not the problem.  To that end, we have convened eleven papers by thirteen scholars who represent all points on the academic spectrum from entering the job market to associate professor.  Although we all say that we want feedback, these folks are actually putting their work on the line for real feedback, which says a lot about them as current and future scholars.

For four weeks beginning on August 22, we will be showcasing papers, generally on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  A pre-arranged reviewer will begin discussion on the paper with a post commenting on it.  From there, comments are open and we hope that our interested and engaged readers will take the ball from there.  We will treat this experiment just like an academic conference.  You can stand up and ask a question, but you have to state your name first (i.e., no anonymous comments).  And, like a conference, if you have a question or an insight that you would rather offer after the talk at "the podium," feel free to email the author directly.

The participants in the Workshop are:

William Birdthistle, Compensating Power: An Analysis of Rents and Rewards in the Mutual Fund Industry

Matthew Bodie, AOL Time Warner and the False God of Shareholder Primacy

▪ Trey Drury, Disclosure is Speech: Imposing Meaningful First Amendment Constraints on SEC Regulatory Authority

Marjorie Florestal, Terror on the High Seas: The Development Implications of United States National Security Measures

▪ Brian Galle, A Republic of the Mind: Cognitive Biases, Fiscal Federalism, and the Tax Code

▪ David Gamage & Allon Kedem, Resolving the Paradox of the Consideration Doctrine

Mike Guttentag, Accuracy Enhancement, Agency Costs, and Disclosure Regulation

Bill Henderson, Effect of Single-Tier v. Two-Tier Partnership Tracks at AmLaw 200 Law Firms: Theory and Evidence

Ruth Mason, Prospects for a Multilateral Treaty Between the United States and the European Union

David Reiss, Subprime Standardization: How Rating Agencies Allow Predatory Lending to Flourish in the Secondary Mortgage Market and How They Can Be Stopped

Michael Woronoff & Jonathan Rosen, Understanding Anti-Dilution Provisions in Convertible Securities

Our gracious reviewers include (in no particular order) Larry Ribstein, Doug Moll, Joan Heminway, Peggy McGuinness, Larry Garvin, Kirk Stark, Josh Wright, Allison Christians, Ronald Mann, and our own Gordon Smith.

Starting Monday, we'll have Matt Bodie at bat, Woronoff & Rosen on deck, and Bill Henderson (only figuratively) in the hole.

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