August 14, 2005
Blog Comments
Posted by Gordon Smith

Steve Bainbridge finally has opened comments on his blog. Well, sort of. He is allowing people to comment as long as they have a TypeKey account. Anyway, I think Steve may be a bit over-the-top in his comment paranoia. I am on two blogs with open comments (Conglomerate and Times & Seasons), one of which gets a lot of comments. Most comments are very reasonable, and I appreciate hearing from readers.

Our biggest challenge on T&S is spam, but that blog is on WordPress. Steve and Conglomerate are on Typepad, and Typepad filters spam pretty effectively. Nut cases show up from time to time, more often on the religious blog, as you might expect. And sometimes perfectly reasonably people lose their bearings. But you deal with it.

Steve's blog has a high volume of provocative political posts, which we mostly avoid here, as well as some religious posts. I wonder which provokes stronger feelings among commenters: politics or religion? Nowadays, there may not be much difference.

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