August 03, 2005
Posted by Joshua Wright

Shaq was due $125 million over the next five years with the Miami Heat under terms of his freshly signed contract extension (including $30.6 million this season).  Nonetheless, Shaq ripped up the freshly signed deal in order to take a $25 million pay cut (including $10 million next year) which, in theory, could help the Heat add to a roster that was one game away from last year's NBA finals.  Not only did Shaq give up the $25 million, he also relinquished the right to be the NBA's highest paid player after next season. 

In an era where professional athletes' desire to win rather than be collect a check is constantly questioned, it is refreshing to see a player (even a filthy rich one!) sacrifice self for the opportunity to win a championship.  So, how much is an opportunity to win a 4th title worth to Shaq?  About $25 million (I wonder whether there are diminishing marginal returns to NBA championships? ).  Now, whether adding Antoine Walker, Jason Williams and James Posey with the extra money will get them any closer to that title remains to be seen ...

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