August 30, 2005
Two New Orleans-Related Announcements
Posted by Christine Hurt

1.  A law prof at Tulane has set up two message boards for the academic communities at both Tulane and Loyola to check in with on another and others:  One site is at Clinical Law Prof Blog for faculty, staff, students and clients of those law schools, and the other is here for the broader communities.

2.  In our first Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop, we have already experienced an "Act of God," as defined in force majeure clauses.  Our paper for tomorrow is authored by Trey Drury, who is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Loyola - New Orleans.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Trey and his family.  Because I am assuming that Trey is incommunicado for awhile and has other things on his mind this week, we will not feature his paper in his virtual absence.  Once we hear from him and he is settled, we will be glad to feature his paper later in the workshop.  Therefore, the next paper will be featured on Thursday and will be Mike Guttentag's Accuracy Enhancement, Agency Costs, and Efficient Disclosure Regulation.

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